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Why PRP is my first choice for under eye treatment

Treating under-eye skin and darkness is not for novice injectors. Because the skin around your eyes is so delicate, any misplaced filler can result in strange-looking puffy, bluish, lumpy contours. If the injector does not have a deep understanding of anatomy, it is easy for a treatment to go array. A treatment gone wrong can be difficult to remedy.

When under-eye treatment is warranted, even seasoned injectors do not consistently achieve great results. It’s challenging because the tear trough is a tiny area to place filler, and there are many delicate structures around your eyes. That’s why the treatment I prefer for the under-eye area is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. We use your plasma, which is concentrated with growth factors that stimulate collagen and elastin production.

There are three steps to the treatment: blood collection, blood separation with a centrifuge and platelet-rich plasma reinjection. The reinjection of the PRP can be done two ways: by using a needle and injecting it directly into the area or by performing a diffuse micro-needling treatment and applying the plasma topically, where the plasma is absorbed into the tiny micro-channels. For under-eye treatments, a combination of micro-needling and injection usually gives the best results.

Platelet-rich plasma contains high levels of growth factors that help stimulate cell turnover. The combination of your plasma and the microinjections (needling) result in a cascade of healing growth factors.

The treatment takes about 30–45 minutes. The under-eye area will be puffy for a day or two after the procedure. Unlike filler, there is minimal risk to an undesirable outcome and the likelihood of an adverse reaction is remote. Most people require two to three treatments to achieve the desired results.

After the second or third treatment, most clients see an improvement in under-eye skin quality. The skin is smoother and brighter. Following treatment, people may tell you that you look fresh and well-rested. The results are subtle which is what you want, especially in such a delicate area.

As always, I am here to answer your questions. I look forward to seeing you soon!


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