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Bringing you the best of trending and tried-and-true skincare treatments 

Last year TikTok was abuzz with videos about skin cycling and slugging. This year regenerative treatments and biostimulators are all the rage. As a skincare nurse, I follow all the trends, but I also read the peer-reviewed scientific papers and go to conferences where I learn from the leading practitioners. 

It’s my job to bring the most effective and safest treatments to you. Here’s my roundup and take on the treatments that have gone viral. 

Regenerative Treatments

The concept behind regenerative treatments is you only look as old as your cells behave. Regenerative skin care strives to make your cells act younger. A regenerative treatment turbo changes the body to repair itself, revving up collagen production. More collagen results in younger-looking skin. 

Sculptra, PRP and pharmaceutical-grade skincare products are all examples of regenerative skincare treatments. 

Filler Fatigue is Real 

The over augmented look is done. With improvements to products and techniques, it’s now possible to achieve long-lasting subtle results. Rather than over-enhancing features that make you look like someone else, a skilled injector is able to identify the products and treatment techniques that restore the contours that make a face unique and strategically add volume to the areas you have lost it.

During a consultation with me, it is helpful to show me photos of youself at various ages. I will also pay attention to your facial expressions so I can preserve the features that are distinctly you. 

Skin Treatments Now Viewed as Self-Care 

Aging is no longer viewed as a battle that must be fought. With the increased focus on harnessing the body’s own power to heal itself, preventative injectables and skincare treatments are now viewed as self-care. Just as people exercise and eat well to maintain their health, people now see using pharmaceutical-grade skincare products and getting cosmetic injectable treatments to age gracefully as healthy, empowered choices. 

With the array of treatment options available these days, there are affordable options for everyone, not just the well-to-do. Whether you’re a student or a retiree living on a fixed income, there are treatments that will stretch your dollar and tap into your body's healing powers. 

Book a consultation with me to learn more about treatments and which ones will help you put your best face forward. 


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