Consumers Choice Award
I was honoured to be a part of SkinDeep Aesthetics Award for Winnipeg's top choice, Medical Aesthetic clinic.
This client wanted a bit more volume. I achieved the result with 1ml of JUVÉDERM.
Cheek and Chin Filler
By replacing the volume in her natural fat pads, her cheeks are lifted, tear troughs lessened and appears softer and more feminine
Before and after Botox treatment in her forehead, furrow and brow lift.
This smile was instantly lifted with 1ml of Juvederm for a softer, happier, more feminine look.
Lower Face / Chin Filler
I replaced the volume in my client's cheeks and chin which lifted her jawline and softened her face.
When volumizing thin lips, the best results are achieved by layering a small amount of filler over a few visits.
Mature Lips
This picture shows that small tweaks can make a softer, happier appearance.
Chin Filler
My client wanted a more desirable profile without surgery.
Lower Face / Chin Filler
This beauty wanted a softer and more lifted look.
I achieved it by replacing lost volume in the chin with Juvederm.
Lower Face / Double Chin
Three treatments of Belkyra, a fat-dissolving injection.
Non-Surgical Facelift
This is the power of combination treatments. For "SOFT LIFT," we used Botox to soften the lines around her eyes and upper lip. Then replaced the lost volume in her cheeks, chin and side of her face with Juvederm for a softer, less tired, more youthful appearance.
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