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What does it mean to be beautiful in 2023?

I have always been drawn to beautiful people. In my business, beauty is often viewed through the lens of the golden ratio. If the distance between certain regions of the face is 1: 1.6, that is considered ideal. For instance, the "perfect" face should be 1.6 times longer than wide.

But have you ever found yourself in a room unable to take your eyes off someone because they radiate beauty? Even though that person's face may not conform to the golden ratio standard of beauty, they have an intangible quality with a magnetic pull.

You can take in a person's beauty through the eyes, but I have always found that beauty is best experienced on an emotional level. How does this person make others feel? Are they considerate or self-absorbed? Do they bring a burst of positive energy when they enter a room? Do they care about people more than things?

For me, beauty all comes down to a powerful connection. Whether a person sincerely cares about others and wants to positively impact the world will shine through in their faces and actions.

So here are my beauty tips for 2023: Perform one act of random kindness daily. Be considerate and patient with others. Do some volunteer work. Smile more often. If you follow my advice, I guarantee you will feel more beautiful and will light up every room you enter.

Sure, I can skillfully inject Botox and filler to smooth out your skin, re volumize your cheeks, define your jawline and come up with a treatment plan to help you achieve the golden ratio standard, but the beauty that matters most is inside you. So make it shine in 2023.

Friends, I hope 2023 brings you joy, encouragement, kindness and love! I can't wait to see your beautiful faces.


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