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Inside me is every age I've ever been

Many conversations with clients start with "I feel younger than I look." Most people struggle immensely with this. People want their reflection to mirror how they feel inside and I help them do that. The thing to understand is there is more at work than just a few needle pokes that plump up the skin. There is an emotional factor that helps us identify with ourselves, feel at home and more comfortable.

I've always heard the empty words "age is a gift." Last week these words resonated with me. Let me tell you why they were filled with meaning,

I realized that inside myself I am an impulsive 18 year old.

I'm a hopeful 20 year old.

I'm a 25-year-old new mom and bride. I'm a struggling 29 year old who is balancing family and school.

I'm a fearful 31-year-old single parent who feels the weight of the world on her shoulders.

I'm a tired 35 year old.

I'm an independent 36 year old who is afraid of stepping towards love again.

I am an outwardly lighthearted 37-year-old bride who harbours fear of abandonment.

I'm a woman who's looking at my 39 years on this earth and measuring whether I've done all that I am capable of doing with this life.

I am a fun-loving, driven 42 year old who wants to see her teenage children thrive.

I am a strong, intelligent 45 year old who is teaching her feet to follow her passion.

I have been on this earth for 47 years and I feel every age I have ever been. All of these ages and stages are still alive inside me, giving me perspective and wisdom.

As our bodies age, we continue to gain experience but we can also easily remember every age we've ever been. Even though we may not like the changes to our skin, we need to view ourselves as whole people and celebrate the journey that has made us who we are today.

I can help you to soften wrinkles and improve skin quality, but it is up to you to honour the journey that has brought you to your present age. There’s a wisdom and a power that comes with age. Celebrate it. Age IS a gift.

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Alissa Zappe
Nov 29, 2021

Beautifully said for every woman there is struggle, growth and wisdom as we live our lives and get older. Such much to experience and learn about life! I am so thankful I have you helping me enjoy the rest of my journey with beauty and grace!

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