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How I got to be here

September 2021 would have marked 14 years since the inception of Skin Deep Aesthetics with Dr. Long. Back then, there were only 10 or 11 nurse injectors in the city, all working under a physician. When we would meet to collaborate ideas and tips, we could all fit in a private room at a local restaurant.

My injection skills matured as the industry grew and I saw trends come and go. In order to gain education in this field, I needed to go to the pioneers of cosmetic injectables and travel all over North America. Dr. Long and I travelled from Winnipeg to Saint Louis University School of Medicine and to a doctor in Vancouver. Later when the industry became more mainstream, I was able to attend larger education events in Calgary and Toronto, all the while learning on industry platforms such as Allergan Medical Institute. I've been able to stay on the leading edge of trends as they emerged and inject at a pace in which I was able to master them before a new one popped up. Staying ahead of the pack allowed me to anticipate every complication and know how to manage them.

Having this amount of time in the industry and at the same clinic has allowed me to see and treat so many new people. Some of my clients have been with me for more than decade and I see first hand the long-term effects of my work and technique. I am pleased with the results and my clients are happy with how they look. Dr. Long gave me the opportunity and space to develop my skills, grow close to him and his family, raise my family and forge relationships that I will always hold dear. My heart is heavy to leave Skin Deep Aesthetics behind me.

I am excited about what my future holds. I look forward to working with a new clinic where I can develop new skills. Under new leadership, I will learn more advanced techniques and procedures and have the opportunity to mentor newer injectors. I can't wait to see you in my new space. Stay tuned!

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Kim Rohm
Kim Rohm
05 jul 2021

Congratulations on your achievements and this latest opportunity. I hope you will give us clients an opportunity to follow you. It's a relationship that requires trust and you certainly have built that with me.

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