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Restoring facial balance

As an experienced aesthetic nurse, it is important to assess the face in its entirety, even if the reason that brings the person into the clinic is a single feature they want to change. It's my duty to keep in mind what your future face will look like with every treatment.

We've all seen what it looks like when some people have tunnel vision and seek out treatments that don't contribute to a balanced, natural look—all the lines are gone, lips are shiny, and skin is smooth, but the person's face as a whole looks strange. I would much rather my client have a line or two than look disproportionate.

In general facial balancing means treating the entire face. Our eyes are attracted to objects that have the golden ratio. For instance, the "perfect" face is said to be 1.6 times longer than it is wide, or the bottom lip 1.6 times bigger than the top lip. With this ratio the face appears "Balanced". Creating facial balance can mean adding a little bit of volume to the lateral cheek and the chin, or adding filler to the temples, gonial angle and jawline, or all of the above so the face looks soft and pleasant.

Achieving balance works best with a top-down approach, starting at the top/mid-face and finishing with the lower face. Every person's face is unique, so the injection technique and the volume of the product vary. Balancing with filler can be achieved over multiple sessions. On average I use from 3 to 8 millilitres of the hyaluronic acid filler.

I'd be happy to meet with you to discuss which approach we might take to help you achieve facial balance.


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