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Is the mini lip treatment right for you?

A mini lip treatment plumps up your lips for natural-looking results. A mini lip is a suitable treatment for anyone who wants to add subtle plumping to lips; it is not an appropriate treatment to fill perioral or “lipstick lines” on mature lips. So, if you want to fill in the lines around your lips, a mini lip is not the right treatment for you; a skin booster microinjection may be a better choice of treatment. If you’re nervous about injectables, you may want to start with a mini lip treatment, and we can subtly layer product over time.

What to expect during a mini lip treatment.

You will receive strategically placed injections of hyaluronic acid to plump up your lips. My favourite products to use for mini lip injections is JUVÉDERM or Revanesse. I will typically inject 0.5 CCs, making it an affordable treatment at $300.

For five days prior to your treatment, avoid all anti-inflammatory medications, high antioxidant supplements and alcohol. Before the procedure, I apply a numbing cream. During the treatment you may experience a mild, pinching sensation. The lidocaine in the JUVÉDERM or Revanesse gel lessens the discomfort of the injection.

After treatment, you should not exercise, go to the dentist, drink using a straw for 48 hours or drink hot hot beverages. You may experience minor swelling, redness or bruising that usually goes away within a week.

How long does a mini lip treatment last?

Depending on how fast you metabolize the product, the treatment can last approximately six to eight months.

Customizing a lip treatment that is right for you

As always, we will discuss your desired outcome before any procedure. I will present different options and come up with a plan so you get the results you want and receive the most value for your money.

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