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The Zoom Boom

Not only did I receive a flurry of requests for appointments after I announced Skin Deep reopened, I also received messages throughout lockdown from clients tired of staring at their faces during Zoom meetings.

“I’ve never looked at myself all day. I look so much older than I feel,” a client told me. “On Zoom calls, I’m representing my company with only my face and words. Normally I dress sharply and use body language to give a dynamic presentation, but now I am just a haggard-looking talking head.”

Other clients said that the stress of the pandemic has aged them, and that it’s hard to look at their “sagging jowls” or “aged mouth” for hours every week during videoconference meetings. Women aren’t the only ones not liking what they see. Men want their crow’s feet botoxed and their jawlines tweaked.

Thank you, Zoom? I love what I do, and I am happy to be busy. Rest assured, I am spending time talking to clients about their concerns before rushing into expensive procedures. I discourage clients from dramatic changes. I recommend treatments that have subtle, beautiful results that take years off clients’ faces, but not in a way that will make it obvious they’ve had “work” done.

For most of my clients, Botox and strategically placed filler remedy the need for dim lighting during Zoom calls. I have seen an uptick in requests for the 7-Point Shape injection technique which creates a smooth, youthful curve along the cheekbones, lifting the cheeks and reducing sagginess.

One upside to the “Zoom Boom” is that my clients are turning to me for advice about their “future faces.” They are interested in taking better care of their skin and committing to a treatment plan that is sustainable. Because some of my clients have been with me for more than a decade now, my recommendations are based on what will get the best results now and in the future. My clients feel good about how they’re ageing. I am proud of that.

Let’s talk about your future face. In the meantime, I recommend some soft lighting for those Zoom calls. Don’t look at yourself in a harsh light—I mean that literally and metaphorically!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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