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The new normal

Those of you who have already had appointments know that I am thrilled to be back doing what I love. I take pride in my skills as a cosmetic nurse injector, but the best part of my job is seeing the smiles on happy clients’ faces. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to help people feel better about themselves. I am also happy to get back to a new version of normalcy. Until there is a vaccine, we must continue to be cautious. Being cautious is the new normal and the safety protocols I follow have already become second nature.

I missed you all so much when we closed the doors, but it was the right thing to do. I can offer you treatments now because most Manitobans listened to the experts and stayed home. Winnipeg may be in one of the best positions out of all the major cities in Canada. The number of cases still remains remarkably low and many businesses have been open for more than a month now.

Although I am saddened that my son will miss out on grad night, a rite of passage that most of us took for granted, he will always remember how the federal and provincial governments put Canadians' health and safety first. We’ve all missed out and made sacrifices. We did it for each other.

The low number of active cases in Manitoba has allowed us to move into the realm of normalcy sooner than other provinces. I am moving into that space cautiously, but I feel blessed to live in a place where opening the doors to clients is possible. You accepted the safety protocols without complaint, and you understand why I must ask you screening questions when you arrive and take your temperature. Many of you have said how much you appreciate the protocols because they make you feel safe.

Most of us are still practising some form of social distancing—I know I am—but the sun has been shining and it feels amazing to be able to breathe fresh air and move freely in nature. THANK YOU, Manitobans, for doing your part and putting us in a position where we can safely explore the new normal.

If you have any questions about safety protocols, I am happy to answer your questions. See you soon!

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