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Taking care of your skin, taking care of you

Digital Skin Assessment

It’s hard to assess the psychological impact of the pandemic when we’re still navigating uncertainty, but there’s no question it’s taken a huge toll on most of us. Some of my clients tell me that they feel like they’ve aged five years over the last 18 months and barely recognize the person they see in the mirror.

Psychological stress does have an adverse effect on skin wellness. Our skin is also exposed to the outside world, including sunlight and pollutants. This year we were hit with a scorcher of a summer and smoke from wildfires. Sun damage can reduce skin elasticity, leading to premature wrinkles and brown spots. Smoky air can cause dryness and trigger inflammatory responses.

Fortunately, skincare treatments have come a long way. They can help mitigate damage and restore skin wellness.

Skin analysis charts the course for skin wellness

Did you know that there is a skin analysis technology so sophisticated that can reveal how much bacteria you have on your skin, pore size and UV spots? By taking a high-resolution scan of your skin, I am able to see beneath the surface of your skin.

Your skin tells a unique story. You may be a sun worshipper, or you may experience disruption to your skin barrier when you’re under stress. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your skin, I can make recommendations about treatments that will give you the best long-term results.

In some cases, fine lines and dull skin tone can be treated with physician grade skincare products, microneedling or chemical peels. For more extensive sun damage and conditions such as rosacea, photofacials and medical-grade skincare products might be the best course.

I am excited to chart the course for your skincare wellness. Taking care of skin will help you feel and look better. We can’t control external stressors, but we can mitigate the impact they have on our bodies and minds.

Im happy to help you come up with a plan that best suits you. We just need to book a skin consultation. I’m here to help.


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