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Top five cosmetic procedures you need to plan for in 2020

Happy New Year my lovelies!

When I asked dermatologists and plastic surgeons what they think will be hot in 2020, I heard one recurring theme—more cosmetic-injectable procedures and less invasive surgeries. Here are the top five procedures that will help you to put your best face forward in 2020:

1. Botox treatments X 3

Since Botox lasts three to four months, you will need to get three treatments a year to soften frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet or to prevent creases. You may find that you need to top up your crow’s feet after a few months, but if you are consistent with Botox, eventually you will be able to go longer between treatments. If you’re getting preventative “Baby Botox” treatments, you will also require a minimum of three treatments a year.

2. Shapely Lips will Trump Overdone Lips

The overuse of fillers not only looks fake but it can alter tissue, resulting in droopy, misshapen lips. A nice alternative to keep lips shapely before it’s time to top up your filler is the “lip flip.” The lip flip involves a small amount of Botox strategically injected to relax a fine portion of the obicularius oris muscle. The vermilion border flips up, helping to restore the appearance of the Cupid’s bow. To add some fullness when warranted, I use a lip filler such as Juvéderm to perfect the structure and volume for natural-looking results.

3. Skin Peels

Cosmetic injectables will plump up lips and soften wrinkles, but they won’t necessarily improve the quality of your skin. Chemical and laser peels will address skin concerns such as acne scarring, pigmentation and fine lines. Even one treatment can yield amazing results. For fine lines, your best option might be a light, superficial peel (sometimes called lunchtime peels) such as a glycolic acid. For post-acne pigment and melasma, you may need a couple more substantial peels such as the Jessner or laser peel. Every treatment is personalized and we will discuss what type of peel will get you the best results.

4. Jawline Treatments

In 2019, there was a major uptick in jaw “tweakments” and that will continue in 2020. In the era of Instagram, most of us want to look great from every angle. A nice jawline and chin help diminish a mild double chin. As I discussed in a previous post, one of the hallmarks of beauty is the Ogee curve. By adding volume at strategic points, we are able to restore the Ogee curve. If you look at a youthful face from an oblique view, you will see that full cheekbones gently curve into the smooth, less-full lower face. I am able to recreate the Ogee curve using Dr. Mauricio de Maio’s 7-Point Shape. I describe the procedure in my blog How the 7-Point Shape injection technique lifts your face without invasive surgery.

5. Chin Fillers

In the yesteryear, you would have to go under the knife to improve the appearance of a weak chin and mild double chin. Today, fillers can be used to get beautiful results. As with jawline treatments, more and more clients, including men, have realized what a difference a chin treatment can make. Fillers can be used to create the type of chin deemed masculine and desirable. Women also want stronger chins and often use Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson as examples of celebrities who have desirable chins. As with every procedure, we can discuss what “tweakment” would enhance your chin.

These are just some of the top trends. Throughout 2020, I will continue to blog about breakthrough procedures and products. As always, I am here to answer your questions and to develop personalized treatments that work with your budget.

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