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  • Coralee Shaman LPN

Five reasons you need to make sleep a priority

It’s back-to-school and back-to-work time and most of us struggle to find time for everyday things. Your busy-ness may cut into your sleep time, but don’t let it! You spend hard-earned money on rejuvenating skin treatments and products, but if you don’t rejuvenate your skin on a cellular level by getting enough sleep, it’s going to show.

There are hundreds of reasons why you need to get enough sleep, but I will focus on some of the major reasons.

1. Your health depends on getting adequate sleep.

Lack of sleep has been associated with chronic, long-term health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. There is a growing body of research that shows the link between sleep deprivation and chronic illness. Many of us treat sleep as a luxury, but it is as essential to our health as proper nutrition, water, and oxygen. Treat it as a priority!

2. A healthy mind is a well-rested mind.

There is a strong connection between sleep deprivation and depression and anxiety. Although sleep deprivation can be a symptom of depression or anxiety, some studies suggest that lack of sleep can be the cause. Even if you don’t have issues with depression or anxiety, you may feel irritable or experience fuzzy thinking when you’re sleep-deprived. There’s no question that getting proper sleep helps people be more emotionally and mentally resilient.

3. Sleep-deprived people are perceived as less attractive.

Dark circles under your eyes is not a good look unless you’re dressed up as a panda for a Halloween party. A study conducted in Sweden showed that when 122 participants viewed photographs of strangers, some respondents said they were less likely to socialize with people who looked tired, and they perceived them as less attractive and less healthy than well-rested subjects. A tired face has less colour as sleep promotes blood flow to the skin.

4. Well-rested people get fewer wrinkles.

When you sleep, your body programs your immune system and repairs itself. The production of collagen is just one of the processes that take place when you sleep. As we all know, collagen gives your skin a plumper, youthful look. If you get enough sleep, you’re also less likely to have dry skin.

5. Your skincare regimen will be more effective if you get adequate rest.

When you sleep, your body goes into repair mode to fix the damage that occurred during your waking hours. Blood flow to your skin is more consistent when you sleep, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients and collagen-boosting properties from your skin products.

Remember, sleep is not a luxury—it is an essential part of taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. Take the steps necessary to get the sleep you need to look and feel great!

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